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The Real Estate Marketing Update - Edition 12


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Welcome back.

This edition's theme is optimizing your tech stack (or more specifically, using something like HubSpot). We're equipping you with specific, valuable action items to apply to your CRM and other ways to leverage it for lead generation and nurturing. Lastly, we have one story that should encourage you to start publishing video content.

If you missed our previous editions, you can check them out here.

Or, if you’re caught up, let’s jump right in.

Scroll down for one actionable tip that can immediately boost your lead generation, one handy tool that can simplify your tech stack management, and one essential news story that will keep you updated on the latest trends impacting your lead generation efforts.

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Tip of the Week

Higher Web Lead to Client Conversion Rates Start with Your CRM

You’re leaving a lot of business on the table if you’re just haphazardly collecting contacts and aimlessly following up with them, hoping that they’ll respond or even convert.

We know you’re a serious Realtor because you wouldn’t be reading this content otherwise 😉

So, if you’re not using a CRM, then it’s time to prioritize this.

Instead of just convincing you to start using a CRM, though, we want to give you a very specific use case with associated action items that you can use to improve your close rates.

Since we ❤️ HubSpot (our recommended tool and sponsor for this edition), we will use their suite of tools for our example. Feel free to plug in your tech stack if you’re using and liking something else, though.

Using HubSpot (or Your Preferred Tools) to Turn More Web Leads Into Clients

One powerful tip revolves around segmentation and personalized email workflows, a combination that can significantly boost engagement and lead conversion rates.

Here's how to leverage this approach:

Step 1: Segmentation of Web Leads

Action Item: Identify and Categorize Leads

Analyze Your Lead Sources: Use HubSpot to track where your web leads are coming from—be it landing pages, property listings, or blog posts. Understanding the source provides insight into what the leads are interested in.

Categorize Your Leads: Segment your leads based on their actions. For example, categorize leads who signed up for a newsletter differently from those who requested a property viewing. Use HubSpot’s CRM to create these distinct lists automatically based on lead behavior.

Action Item: Create Buyer Personas

Develop detailed buyer personas for your typical clients, such as "First-Time Homebuyer," "Property Investor," or "Seller." Use HubSpot to tag your leads accordingly, based on the information they've provided or their engagement with specific content.

Step 2: Crafting Personalized Email Workflows

Action Item: Design Tailored Email Campaigns

Create Specific Content: For each segment or persona, design an email sequence that addresses their unique needs and interests. For example, first-time homebuyers would receive content about the buying process, while investors might receive market analysis and investment opportunities.

Leverage HubSpot’s Email Workflow Tools: Set up automated workflows that trigger based on specific actions. For instance, if a lead downloads a buyer’s guide, they’re entered into a workflow receiving follow-up emails encouraging them to book a consultation.

Step 3: Implementing Advanced Personalization

Action Item: Use Smart Content

HubSpot allows you to incorporate smart content in your emails, which changes based on who's viewing it. Use this feature to personalize email greetings with the lead’s name, or to display specific properties that match the lead’s interests.

Action Item: Utilize Lead Scoring

Implement HubSpot’s lead scoring feature to prioritize high-intent leads. Assign scores based on interactions (e.g., email opens, clicks, website visits). Focus your direct follow-up efforts (calls or personalized emails) on leads with the highest scores.

Action Item: Continuous Optimization

Regularly review the performance of your email workflows. HubSpot provides detailed analytics on open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. Use this data to refine your messaging, segmentation, and follow-up strategies. Experiment with different email subjects, content formats, and sending times to find what resonates best with your audience.

By strategically segmenting your web leads and engaging them with highly personalized, automated email workflows, you’re not just nurturing them—you’re personally and relevantly guiding them through the buyer’s journey. This methodical approach helps build trust and positions you as a Realtor who truly understands their needs, dramatically increasing your chances of converting web leads into closed deals.

Remember, the key to success with HubSpot is to set up these systems and continually refine them based on performance data and feedback. Start implementing these action items today, and you’ll be on your way to closing more web leads than ever before.

Would you like some help reviewing, optimizing, or even changing your CRM?

Let us know. We’d love to help. We’ve done a ton of implementations, especially with HubSpot, and would be happy to share our expertise.

Tool of the Week

When You’re Serious About Growing Your Real Estate Business, You Need More than Just a CRM

We have a question, and we promise not to judge you…

Are you still not using any CRM to manage your leads and clients?

And no, your iPhone Contacts and email app don’t count.

If not, then this edition’s recommended tool is one that we hope you will seriously consider.

Not only do we use and love it, but we’ve found it to be the best, hands down, compared to all the rest…and we’ve used them all.

So, if you’re not formally managing your contacts or your current system is antiquated or slow, check out…

Tool: HubSpot - The all-in-one customer platform

HubSpot - The Best CRM for Realtorss

Overview: HubSpot offers a powerful suite of tools that seamlessly connect your data, team members, and clients on one customer platform that grows with your business.

Helpful Features:

  • CRM - The Sales Hub allows you and your team to properly collect, manage, and nurture prospects to keep your close rates as high as possible.

  • Marketing—The Marketing and Content Hubs allow you to plan, manage, and optimize your online marketing efforts in one place.

  • Service—The Service Hub allows you and your team to better support your existing clients, generating more referrals for your business.

You don’t need to be a brokerage or even a big team to warrant needing a CRM.

In fact, we’ve found that small teams and even solo producers get the most out of the right tech tools when they actually use them.

We think HubSpot should be a foundational tool in your tech stack, even if you only use it as a CRM.

Here are just some of the benefits of using HubSpot for your real estate business:

  1. Seize Sales and Seal Deals Faster: HubSpot's CRM automatically tracks interactions from the first contact, pinpointing the perfect timing to convert prospects into leads and helping you focus on the most promising opportunities for new and repeat business.

  2. Boost Visibility and Earn Trust: Use HubSpot's Marketing Hub to craft and share standout content that establishes you as the go-to real estate authority, attracting more visitors and building the trust that turns them into leads through blogs, social media, and newsletters.

  3. Enhance Client Satisfaction and Loyalty: With HubSpot, offer instant, effective support through live chat, email, or chatbots. Its universal inbox ensures no query is missed, elevating customer service and deepening client relationships—93% of customers stay loyal to Realtors who are responsive and remember their history with them.

  4. Automate for Efficiency and Growth: HubSpot frees up your schedule by automating routine tasks like data entry and drip emails. Its advanced data sync technology saves you time, enabling a sharper focus on strategy and lead conversion to outpace the competition.

We can’t recommend HubSpot enough.

If you have questions about using it for your real estate business or need help setting it up, drop us a reply and we’ll be happy to help.

Trending Story of the Week

Vertical Videos Just Got A LOT More Important

Facebook announced a new, full-screen video player that offers a more consistent design and experience for all video lengths, including short-form Reels, long-form videos, and even Live content.

“When you tap on a video anywhere on the Facebook app, you’ll now consistently see a fullscreen, vertically oriented video. Previously, depending on the length of the video or where you were watching, you may have seen horizontal videos or videos that played in a Feed-like player.”

Meta Newsroom

It’s important to note that the player will default to showing videos in vertical mode, like TikTok. However, users can access a full-screen option for horizontal videos that they can flip to watch in landscape mode.

What does this mean for you?

For Facebook users, this new video player will provide a universal experience across all types of videos and should allow for better engagement and discovery of other videos we might like. Overall, this is a welcomed update to an app that many of us have stopped using nearly as much as competing video apps.

As a real estate professional, this cements the need for you to publish videos, specifically short, vertical videos. Whether you use Facebook or not, Meta (its parent company) controls 3 of the most widely used apps and thus warrants our attention as marketers each time it makes a significant change or update.

Facebook's latest update could affect important metrics for creators and advertisers, such as watch time, views, and reach. More views could lead to increased time spent on the platform and higher rates of ad views and clicks. This also helps Facebook compete with other video platforms by expanding the pool of recommended video formats.

What’s holding you back from creating video content?

Reply to this message with your challenges. We’d love to help you overcome them so you can take advantage of developments like these.

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