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This edition's theme encompasses the new tools we have now to create and leverage memorable moments in your online marketing to generate more leads.

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Tip of the Week

How to Craft Memorable Moments in Your Online Marketing to Make Your Conversion Rates Soar

As you know, real estate transactions are not just high stakes but highly personal, and the difference between a good and great Realtor can often be traced back to the experiences you craft for your clients.

Drawing from the insights of Chip and Dan Heath in their book, "The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact," you can significantly enhance your online marketing strategies.

By creating defining moments that resonate deeply with potential clients, you can capture attention and forge lasting relationships that convert to real leads.

Here are three strategic ways to create and leverage these memorable moments online to attract more buyer and seller leads.

1. Elevation: Turn Ordinary Touchpoints into Peak Moments

Elevating Your Digital Interactions: First impressions are often formed online in real estate. To elevate these encounters, focus on transforming routine digital touchpoints into standout experiences.

For example, why not craft a personalized video message instead of a standard auto-response email to online inquiries?

Using tools like HeyGen (see our recommended tool below), you can quickly create a custom greeting where an AI avatar warmly addresses the potential client by name, thanks them for their interest, and briefly introduces key services or upcoming opportunities.

Actionable Tips:

  • Personalized Video Responses: Immediately engage online inquiries with personalized video emails or messages that showcase warmth and professionalism.

  • Interactive Property Showcases: Elevate standard virtual tours by integrating interactive elements such as 360-degree views, personalized narration, and clickable features that highlight unique aspects of the property.

2. Insight: Provide Unexpected Value That Sparks Revelation

Educational Content as a Revelation Tool: Insightful moments often come from learning something new that challenges our previous understanding. You can provide educational content that demystifies the buying or selling process, which can be incredibly impactful.

Develop a series of short, informative videos or infographics that tackle common misconceptions or little-known facts about the local real estate market.

For instance, you might reveal how market timing affects buying power or discuss hidden factors influencing property valuations.

Actionable Tips:

  • Weekly Insight Posts: Regularly post 'Did You Know?' content on social media and your website to educate and engage potential clients.

  • Live Q&A Sessions: Host monthly live streams where you answer real estate questions in real time, providing professional insights and building trust.

3. Connection: Foster Community and Belonging

Creating a Sense of Community Online: Connection amplifies memorable experiences by making them shared ones.

You can harness this by building online communities where potential and past clients interact, share experiences, and stay engaged with your brand.

For example, create a private Facebook group or an online forum dedicated to local real estate questions and discussions on your website.

Contribute expert advice, market updates, and community news regularly to foster a sense of belonging and keep members engaged.

Actionable Tips:

  • Client Testimonials and Stories: Share video testimonials and client stories highlighting real people and emotions. Encourage past clients to share their own stories within the community.

  • Virtual Home Buying Workshops: Offer free workshops or webinars that guide potential buyers through the home buying process. Make these sessions interactive and inclusive, encouraging questions and discussions.

Building Blocks of Memorable Real Estate Brands

Incorporating "The Power of Moments" principles into your digital marketing efforts can transform how potential clients perceive and interact with your real estate brand.

By focusing on creating moments of elevation, insight, and connection, you not only enhance your online presence but also build a memorable, trusted, and recommended real estate brand.

Remember, in the crowded digital marketplace, those Realtors who can create a genuine impact—those who can make memorable moments—will capture the hearts and minds of their clients.

What memorable moments are you incorporating into your online marketing?

Let us know! We’d love to see what you’ve been using and even provide some ideas to help you further maximize those moments.

Tool of the Week

Effortlessly Produce Professional-Quality Talking Head Videos with AI

You know you must create them, but they just never get prioritized. And while your competitors post theirs while gradually growing their audiences, your online marketing continues to fall behind.

What are we talking about?


Not just any videos, though.

We’re referring to talking head videos. Or videos of someone (preferably you) providing interesting and helpful information to your prospects and clients.

These are called talking head videos and can do wonders for your business.

But you have to actually create them, publish them, and share them.

This edition’s recommended tool will help you with the creation part. So, when you’re ready to improve your website's engagement and conversion, you need to check out…

Tool: HeyGen - Create AI-Powered Videos at Scale

Overview: HeyGen allows you to choose an AI-generated avatar, or upload your own, provide the script, and then produce a professional-looking video that can be used for sales, marketing, and customer service.

Helpful Features:

  • Avatar Choices - Choose an instant avatar in a natural setting, a studio avatar for a more professional feel, or a photo avatar to dynamically animate an image.

  • AI Voices - Select a premium voice across any style or language or use your own voice.

  • Script Writer—Use the built-in script writer, powered by ChatGPT, when you need help creating the right words for your avatar.

Here's how you can leverage HeyGen's AI-powered video capabilities to enhance your engagement and conversion rates, making your real estate business stand out:

1. Personalized Video Responses to Client Inquiries

Implementation: Use HeyGen to create personalized video responses to inquiries you receive via email or through your website contact form. Instead of a standard text response, you can quickly generate a video where an AI avatar addresses the client by name and answers their specific query.


  • Enhanced Client Experience: This highly personalized touch can differentiate you from competitors.

  • Scalability: Allows you to respond more effectively without the time constraints of recording individual videos.

  • Increased Engagement: Videos can keep users on your website longer and encourage them to explore more content or listings.

2. Regular Market Update Videos

Implementation: Create regular market update videos using HeyGen. Each week or month, generate a new video where an AI avatar discusses recent market trends, news, and statistics relevant to the local real estate market. Embed these videos in newsletters, post them directly on social media, and on your website.


  • Timely Information: Keeps your clients and prospects informed about the market, establishing your role as a trusted advisor.

  • Consistent Engagement: Regular updates give past and potential clients a reason to keep coming back.

  • Authority Building: Showcases your expertise and dedication to keeping clients informed.

3. Interactive FAQ Section

Implementation: Set up an interactive FAQ section on your website where clients can choose questions and receive instant video responses from an AI avatar. Each avatar response is generated dynamically by HeyGen, providing specific answers to common real estate queries such as financing options, home buying steps, or tips for preparing a home for sale.


  • Instant Support: Offers immediate assistance to website visitors, enhancing user satisfaction.

  • Reduced Workload: Automates responses to frequently asked questions, allowing you to focus on higher-value interactions.

  • Engagement Booster: Video responses can be more engaging and understandable compared to text, leading to higher retention and conversion rates.

Couple these video use cases with personalized, genuine videos of yourself (yes, you still need to get in front of the camera for some videos) and you have a powerful combination of content to grow your business.

Be honest, can you see yourself using AI-generated avatars on your website?

If you’re skeptical, like we were, but still curious about making this work for your real estate business, then let us know. We’d love to help.

Trending Story of the Week

Google Chrome to Keep Its Third-Party Tracking Cookie for Another Year

The world’s most popular web browser, Google Chrome, has postponed eliminating third-party cookie tracking until 2025. This is the third reprieve that Google has given these cookies since 2020.

What are third-party cookies?

Third-party cookies are like little notes that websites you visit can leave on your computer, but they aren't from the website you're looking at. Instead, they're from other companies, like advertisers, who want to remember your information. This helps them show ads they think you might like based on the other sites you've visited. So, if you see an ad for something you were looking at on a different site, it's because of third-party cookies.

Why should you care about this news?

Digital Marketing Reliance: Realtors heavily rely on digital marketing to attract and engage clients. Third-party cookies have been instrumental in helping you understand customer behaviors, tailor marketing efforts, and measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Retargeting Opportunities: Third-party cookies enable retargeting, where Realtors can serve targeted ads to users who have previously visited your websites but didn't convert. This is crucial for nurturing leads through prolonged buying cycles typical in real estate transactions.

Audience Insights: Cookies provide valuable insights into user preferences and behaviors, helping you refine your marketing strategies and content better to meet the needs of potential buyers and sellers.

How Does This Postponement Affect Realtors Positively?

Extended Preparation Time: The delay provides additional time to adjust your marketing strategies to a world without third-party cookies. This can include adopting new technologies or refining current practices to ensure a smooth transition.

Continued Marketing Effectiveness: With third-party cookies still in play, you can continue leveraging precise targeting and retargeting strategies that depend on these cookies. This means maintaining the effectiveness of your digital advertising campaigns without immediate disruptions.

Testing and Learning: The extension allows you more time to test alternative tracking and targeting methods, such as first-party data strategies or contextual advertising, which can be crucial once third-party cookies are phased out.

Potential Negative Effects

Compliance Challenges: The ongoing changes and eventual removal of cookies require constant vigilance on privacy laws and regulations. You need to stay informed and compliant, which can be resource-intensive.

Dependency Risks: Continued reliance on third-party cookies without preparing for alternatives can lead to difficulties when they are phased out. This delay might foster complacency in adapting to new marketing technologies.

Steps You Should Take

Diversify Data Collection Methods: Start focusing on first-party data collection. Encourage website visitors to sign up for newsletters, download guides, or register for webinars. This data is compliant with privacy regulations and invaluable for personalized marketing.

Explore New Technologies: Invest time in understanding and implementing new technologies such as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) or privacy-compliant tracking solutions that offer robust analytics without relying on third-party cookies.

Adopt Contextual Advertising: As cookies phase out, contextual advertising will become more crucial. This involves placing ads based on the content being viewed rather than user behavior, which complies with privacy standards.

Educate and Train: Stay informed about changes in digital marketing landscapes, such as the shift from third-party cookies to other forms of tracking and targeting. Regular training can help you and your marketing team adapt to these changes effectively.

Prepare for the Future: While leveraging the current capabilities of third-party cookies, also prepare for a future without them. Test different marketing strategies that do not rely on third-party data to understand what works best for your target audience.

The postponement of Google Chrome's elimination of third-party cookies until 2025 is both a relief and a call to action for Realtors. It offers more time to adapt but should not be a reason to delay preparing for inevitable changes. By taking proactive steps now, you can ensure that your digital marketing strategies remain effective and compliant, both now and in the future, when third-party cookies are eventually phased out.

Are you still relying on third-party data throughout your marketing tools and strategies?

It’s time to move away from these. Let us know if you need help getting on the right track so you’re not scrambling to do so in the eleventh hour.

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