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This edition covers what you should be doing to prepare for the growth of AI-generated search results and how one of our top 3 must-have tools can change the growth of your business.

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Tip of the Week

A 3-Step Plan to Compete in AI-Powered Search Results

Google currently has a search market share of about 90%. Many companies have tried to eat into this percentage with their competing search engines, but none have succeeded.

However, a shifting tide is looming as AI-generated searches grow, presenting a new and exciting opportunity in how and where consumers look for information and answers. This is a potential game-changer in the world of real estate marketing and we want to help.

AI-generated search results and answers are not a passing trend. We expect them to become the majority of the top results within the next three years, solidifying their reliability and trustworthiness.

If we’re right, you need to adjust your online marketing strategy, specifically those pertaining to SEO and content marketing.

And even if we’re way off and AI-generated searches don’t continue to grow, you will at least have spent some time revisiting your current SEO strategy.

How AI-Generated Search Growth Could Impact Your SEO and What You Can Do Now to Stay Competitive

1. Shift in SEO Strategies and Algorithms

Impact on Realtors:
  • New SEO Guidelines: A new search engine, like one from OpenAI, would likely use different algorithms from those of Google, potentially focusing more on natural language processing due to its AI expertise. You must understand these new guidelines to optimize your content for better visibility.

  • Content Quality and Relevance: If this new search engine prioritizes AI-driven insights into user intent and content relevance, you will need to focus more on the quality and depth of your content. This could involve producing highly informative, AI-friendly content that more precisely answers potential clients' questions.

Action Steps:
  • Stay updated on any published guidelines from companies like OpenAI, Meta, and even Apple regarding how their search engines would rank content.

  • Begin incorporating more sophisticated, high-quality AI-optimized content that appeals to both users and advanced AI algorithms.

2. Diversification of Traffic Sources

Impact on Realtors:
  • Reduced Dependency on Google: Many Realtors rely heavily on Google for organic traffic and leads. A new, potentially popular search engine provides an alternative platform, reducing dependency on Google and spreading risk.

  • Opportunity for Early Adoption: Realtors who adapt quickly to the new platform could benefit from less competition in the early stages of the search engine’s launch, potentially capturing a larger share of visibility before it becomes saturated.

Action Steps:
  • Monitor the adoption and user base growth of the new search engine and consider allocating some of your SEO efforts to optimize for it.

  • Experiment with advertising options if the new search engine offers them, taking advantage of potentially lower costs and higher visibility during its initial phase.

3. Enhanced User Experience and Interaction Models

Impact on Realtors:
  • Advanced Query Understanding: Given a company like OpenAI's background in artificial intelligence, its search engine might offer more advanced query understanding and user interaction models. This could lead to a better understanding of user intent, which might benefit Realtors who provide clear, direct answers to complex real estate questions in their content.

  • Voice Search Optimization: If this new AI search engine integrates more seamlessly with AI-driven voice assistants, it could change how potential clients search for real estate listings and information, emphasizing the need for voice search optimization.

Action Steps:
  • Invest in schema markup and structured data to help the AI better understand the context and specifics of your real estate content.

  • Optimize for voice search by incorporating conversational keywords and FAQs into your content strategy.

Will This Be Your Competitive Advantage?

The potential launch of a search engine by someone like OpenAI could herald significant changes in SEO strategies, particularly for Realtors who rely heavily on search-driven leads. Adapting early to the shifts in SEO best practices, diversifying traffic sources, and enhancing content to match advanced AI capabilities could place Realtors at a competitive advantage in a dynamically changing digital marketing environment.

Have you already started planning or implementing some of these things into your online marketing strategy?

Let us know! We’d love to hear about what you’re doing and even help you to expedite some of those efforts.

Tool of the Week

Create Beautiful, Memorable Sales & Marketing Assets that Will WOW Your Prospects and Clients

Every touchpoint with your prospects and clients determines whether or not they work with you.

And every piece of information and material that you expose them to is equally impactful.

This includes everything from your business cards to your listing presentations, your website, and even your open house invites.

Don’t use the same boring stock assets every other Realtor uses.

Instead, develop a brand identity (logo, color palette, typography, visuals, and messaging) and use that throughout everything you provide people with.

If you’re not in a place to hire someone to do all of this for you, then we have the perfect tool recommendation for you…

Tool: Canva - create professional-grade marketing materials to generate and close more leads.

Overview: Canva is a powerful but easy-to-use design suite that helps you create better-looking sales and marketing materials for your business.

Helpful Features:

  • Save Time - You can create a design and resize it to work as a social media post, a real estate flyer, or a “just listed” postcard in seconds.

  • Look Better - You can easily edit photos and videos like a professional to make your materials look like you paid $$$$ for them.

  • Distribute Easier - You can choose from thousands of templates, edit the content and schedule your posts across any platform, directly from Canva.

We ❤️ Canva.

If we had to choose only one or two tools, Canva might be the one we would keep above all others.

If you’re not already using it, we encourage you to give it a chance. We’re confident that you’ll find the same utility out of it that we and millions of others do.

Do you use Canva already?

Share some of your best designs with us! We’d love to see them and even help you to share them for some exposure outside of your normal channels.

Trending Story of the Week

OpenAI Plans to Launch a Search Engine

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is reportedly launching a search engine very soon. This could be the first serious alternative to Google Search.

“The AI search tool will reportedly be embedded within OpenAI’s signature chatbot ChatGPT and will source information directly from the internet, as well as providing citations when answering user queries.”

If OpenAI can pull off a legitimate search engine naturally baked into the AI tools we’re already using, we could see this eating into Google’s search dominance.

Two upcoming events could slow any momentum that OpenAI might have. First is Google’s I/O conference, where they are expected to share advancements and plans for their AI solution in Gemini. Second is Apple’s WWDC, where they will share software updates across their devices.

Even if OpenAI’s search engine eats into just a fraction of Google’s search market share, it will affect how you create, distribute, and promote your content.

Could you see yourself switching to ChatGPT as your primary search engine?

Let us know how likely it would be for you to ditch Google as your primary source of info and answers.

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