🏡 The Real Estate Marketing Update - Edition 19

How to train AI to write copy that converts, our favorite personalized direct mail platform, and what we learned from the recent Google Search API document leak

The Real Estate Marketing Update - Edition 19


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This edition covers a big Google algorithm leak that has stirred the SEO industry into a frenzy as well as a can’t miss AI tip and marketing tool that will give your lead generation a significant boost.

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Tip of the Week

Speak Your Prospects’ Language, with the Help of AI, to Boost Conversion Rates

Imagine having a tool that helps you communicate with your clients in their own language, making your marketing messages more effective and engaging. This tool is now within reach, thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s dive into how you can leverage AI to build a “Grammarly for Customer Language” that will help you convert more website visitors into leads and leads into clients.

The Power of AI in Real Estate Marketing

AI can transform how you interact with clients by analyzing their language and preferences. Claude C. Hopkins, a legendary figure in advertising, once said, “Talk to them in the language they use every day, the language in which they think.” This principle is crucial in real estate, where personalized communication can make all the difference in building trust and closing deals. Here’s how you can use AI to master this skill.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building Client-Centric Content with AI

Step 1: Transcribe Client Conversations

Your first step is to capture the language your clients use. Sales calls and client meetings are rich sources of valuable information. Use a transcription service like Otter.ai to convert these conversations into text. This transcript will be your foundation for analysis.

Step 2: Compile Transcriptions into a Single Document

Gather all your transcriptions into one comprehensive document. This collection will provide a holistic view of your clients’ language, allowing you to identify common themes and phrases.

Step 3: Analyze and Categorize with AI

This is where AI truly shines. Use ChatGPT to analyze the compiled document. The AI can summarize the content, identify recurring themes, and suggest a tone of voice that resonates with your clients.

Example Prompt for ChatGPT

Here’s a prompt you can use to guide ChatGPT in your analysis:

Please analyze this document and summarize the key themes. Additionally, identify the tone of voice used by clients and suggest a tone of voice that would resonate well with our target audience.

Step 4: Review and Edit

AI provides a powerful starting point, but your expertise adds the finishing touch. Review the AI-generated output and make necessary edits to ensure the insights align with your brand’s messaging. This step ensures the final content is accurate and relevant.

Step 5: Create a Custom GPT

With the insights and themes identified, create a Custom GPT. Upload your document with the summarized themes, tone of voice, and other relevant insights into the AI. This custom model can now evaluate and refine your content.

Example Evaluation Prompt:

When using your Custom GPT to evaluate content, you can use a prompt like this…

Highlight how this copy aligns with our client language themes and provide suggestions for making it resonate more effectively with our target audience.

Expanding Your Data Sources

To further enhance your understanding of client language, consider incorporating additional data sources:

Customer Support Tickets: These contain direct feedback and queries, offering insight into clients’ pain points and needs.

Social Media Mentions: Monitor social media to see how clients discuss your services and the real estate market in real-time.

User Reviews: Reviews on websites and platforms like Zillow and Realtor.com provide unfiltered opinions and experiences from your clients.

The Future of Real Estate Communication

Using AI to understand and adopt your clients’ language not only improves your marketing effectiveness but also builds stronger relationships. As AI technology continues to advance, its role in crafting client-centric content will become even more significant. Speaking to your clients in their own language is no longer a daunting task but a strategic advantage.

Mastering Client Communication

By integrating AI into your real estate marketing strategy, you effectively gain a personalized marketing assistant who understands your clients inside and out. Follow these steps to create content that resonates deeply with your audience, driving engagement and fostering loyalty. Embrace the power of AI and start transforming your marketing efforts today.

Does creating your own custom ChatGPT seem overwhelming?

We get it. That was our initial feeling too. It’s easier than it sounds though. We’d love to help though if you’re interested in applying this tip but don’t know where or how to start.

Tool of the Week

A More Personal, but Still Scalable, Way to Generate and Nurture Leads

It’s very rare that you will find us recommend any type of tool that is not highly specific to online marketing.

Don’t get us wrong though…we are not opposed to using offline marketing tools and tactics. We just don’t have enough hands-on experience to feel comfortable recommending those.

However, when something effectively crosses both worlds, it’s hard to ignore. Especially for real estate prospects who require as many different touchpoints as possible.

This edition’s recommended tool is the perfect solution for combining your online and offline efforts into an effective prospecting and nurturing strategy.

Tool: Handwrytten - your messages handwritten and sent to your prospects for you.

Overview: Used by thousands of Realtors and mortgage brokers, Handwrytten's platform is tailored for the unique demands of real estate agents to garner new leads, and maintain real estate client relationships.

Helpful Features:

  • Custom Handwriting Styles - Replicate your handwriting and even your signature, saved and available for reuse in future projects.

  • Demographic Targeting - Define your audience’s demos (location, income, net worth, etc) and let the tool blanket those people for you.

  • Include Inserts - Have popular gift cards, your own business cards, or even product samples like coffee packets in your mailings.

How are you combining your online marketing with your offline marketing?

Don’t sleep on this strategy. Using the data you collect from your online efforts can and should be leveraged to target and communicate with people offline. Let us know if you need help.

Trending Story of the Week

Potential Insights Into How Google’s Search Algorithm Works

Earlier this month a previously anonymous source shared over 2,500 pages of Google’s internal search API documentation with SparkToro founder, Rand Fishkin.

Rand took the better part of this month to pour over these documents with other SEO experts and has kindly broken down his findings into language that many non-technical people could understand.

“But, whereas libraries are public, Google search is one of the most secretive, closely-guarded black boxes in the world. In the last quarter century, no leak of this magnitude or detail has ever been reported from Google’s search division.”

Rand Fishkin, Founder of SparkToro (former SEO and founder of Moz)

As Rand clearly acknowledges, these pages may very well not ever been used by Google…but there’s a good chance they were used in some way.

Whether you choose to believe that they’re legitimate or not, there are some important takeaways we should all at least consider when trying to earn organic traffic from Google.

Let’s break these down…

  • Evolving Ranking Factors: The leak suggests Google's search algorithm is more nuanced than previously understood, potentially considering factors like domain age, content freshness, and backlink design.

  • Focus on High-Quality Content: The emphasis on fresh content underscores the importance of creating valuable, informative content that is regularly updated.

  • Backlinks Still Matter: Backlinks remain crucial for SEO, with the leak suggesting that backlinks with strong visual elements (e.g., infographics) might carry more weight.

Assuming these documents are legitimate and being used by Google in some way, here is what you should do:

💡 Revisit your SEO strategy. It’s probably time anyways.

💡 Double down on creating high quality content that has a unique perspective. Stop making content that is simple informational and/or just a regurgitation of everything else that already exists online.

💡 Develop a strong backlink strategy. Earn highly valuable links by making your website a destination for your audience and for other websites that serve your audience.

💡 Refresh your best content by making it more visually appealing, more accessible, and even more interesting and helpful. You don’t need new content all the time.

And if you’re really set on improving your site’s rankings, then you need to follow and engage in communities of SEOs that are testing different tactics to see what actually works.

It's crucial to remember that the leaked documents are not a definitive guide to Google's search algorithm. However, they provide valuable insights that could shape future SEO practices. By staying informed and adapting to potential changes, businesses can ensure their websites remain visible and relevant in search results.

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